• Applications

    • Power plants
    • Guard rails
    • Machinery
    • Base plates
    • For dynamic and seismic loads
    • Small edge and center distances

    Base materials
    ETA approved for

    • cracked concrete
    • non-cracked concrete
  • Properties

    • Self-undercutting anchor with threaded bolt, nut and washer
    • A4-80 stainless steel
    • Automatic self-undercutting, unique-heavy duty anchor for push through installation
    • simplest, quickest and safest solution on the market
    • Cost-effective: No special drills, undercutting or setting tools required
    • Minimal expansion forces allow for small center and edge distances
    • For indoor and outdoor areas, as well as industrial applications
  • Technical specifications

    • Stainless steel A4
    • Size range M6 to M16
    • Hex nut