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Self-drilling Screws

Clip fix fastener

JF3-LT-2-5.5 KD16

Self-drilling Screws

For fixing facade panels without swarfs
JF3-LT-2-5,5 KD12

JF3-LT-2-5.5 KD12

Self-drilling Screws

For fixing facade panels without swarfs


Self-drilling Screws

For fixing facade panels

JT4-LT-3-5.5x25 KD16

Self-drilling Screws

For fixing facade panels

JT4-LT-2/6-6.0x50 KD16

For fastening facade panels

JT4-LT-XT-3H/6-5.5x25 KD16

Self-drilling Screws

For fastening facade panels to aluminium substructures ≤ 2.0 mm

centring bush F (fixed point)

Self-drilling Screws

Fastening facade panels

centring bush S (floating point)

Self-drilling Screws

Fastening facade panels


ETICS Anchors

Insulation screw for direct installation into concrete



Fastening plaster-base sheeting to aluminium substructure

Ball Sockets

Ball sockets for different aiming systems.


The self-tapping fastener for thermoset.


High load capacity direct fastening into plastic material


The light weight screw for soft thermoplastics.

Through Bolts BA-V Plus

Metal anchors and chemical anchors

Galvanized zinc-plated steel

Through Bolts BA-E Plus

Metal anchors and chemical anchors

Stainless steel, A4

Through Bolts BA-F Plus

Metal anchors and chemical anchors

Steel, hot dip zinc-plated


Self-tapping for thermoplastics and thermosets.


ALtracs® Plus

The self-tapping screw for light metal


Flexibility with multi-stage forming technology.


Friction elements for demanding tasks in automotive structural engineering


Integrated variety for consistent clearances

Ceiling nail

Metal anchors and chemical anchors

Fast and reliable installation

Anchor rod AST

Chemical Anchors

For polyester and vinyl ester composite mortar

Installation tool ECOset

Installation Tools

for screws up to 160 mm

Insulation support anchor DH - 2 Piece

Insulation Support Anchor

For rear ventilated facade insulation

Cordless metal screwdriver ASCS 6.3 Select

Installation Tools

Cordless metal screwdriver
Bohrschraube Typ FDM2

self-drilling screw type FDM2

Window Production Screws

for reinforcement mounting
Bohrschraube Typ FDM1

self-drilling screw type FDM1

Window Production Screws

for reinforcement mounting

Drop-in Anchor LAL

Metal anchors and chemical anchors

Suitable for dry indoor areas

Setting tool for drop-in anchors

Installation Tools


ABLK 18 1.6 E Select

Installation Tools

Battery powered nibbler


The secure friction welding joint in EPP foams
Microscrews Mikroschraube_1

EJOT Micro Screws

Fastening solutions for even the smallest components


Metallic fastening elements made of different materials


The standard for thin-walled components.


Reliable assembly of pre-punched thin sheets


The EJOT DELTA PT® screw is a special fastener for reliable and trouble-free direct assembly into thermoplastic materials and due to its special thread forming zone it is also suitable for thermosets.

Industrial Division Services

With the one-time registration we provide in this area CAD data in various formats as well as PDFs of the technical drawings of our products DELTA PT®, SHEETtracs® and ALtracs® Plus.

Industrial Division Services

With the one-time registration we provide in this area CAD data in various formats as well as PDFs of the technical drawings of our products DELTA PT®, SHEETtracs® and ALtracs® Plus.

The anchor primer - facade anchors for timber and metal attachments

It can be clearly seen how the anchor sleeve expands in the perforated brick.

be you | be part - EJOT as an employer

Your health is very important to us. That is why you and your dependents can train at many fitness studios, swimming pools and golf facilities all over Germany at great prices by dint of EJOT.

EJOWELD® Pace Award

Wixom, MI, USA – EJOT Fastening Systems LP was named a 2020 Automotive News PACE Award winner at an awards ceremony on April 28.

Senior Professionals

You do not want to wait for the future anymore, but rather participate in shaping it?

EJOT Micro Screws

A completely different challenge becomes apparent in many areas of industrial production: the trend to-wards miniaturisation of entire structural units and a simultaneous weight reduction of the components.

Errors during the construction phase with serious consequences

EJOT recommends all self-drilling and thread-forming JA, JZ and JT family screws with pre-assembled washers.

Outstanding site development

The winners in the seven categories were announced at the beginning of November. The "Factory of the year" competition, run by management consultancy A.T.Kearney and the trade journal 'Produktion' for the 27th time this year, is considered the hardest and most traditional competition of its kind.

EJOT honours suppliers

KG from Wickede, the hardening shop NABI GmbH from Remscheid and Alex Screw Industrial Co Ltd. from Taiwan were honoured.


In dependence on material and pilot hole dimension, the fastening parameters of the DELTA PT® screw can be calculated with this tool.


This increases the torque level of the joint and facilitates multiple repeat assemblies. In the lower, tapered area of the screw, the flank angle is reversed and the resulting through draught is formed into fastening direction.

Advice: Using zinc-plated anchor screws in the facade

It is not the process which is decisive for the functionality of this coating, but the quality of application. At the end of the day, a complete waterproofing of the screw head must be guaranteed.

What is ... the drilling performance?

For direct bearing surface (e.g. trapezoidal profile to steel substructure) the following formula can be used: Drilling performance for direct bearing surface t = component tI + component tII For sandwich panels the following formula applies: Drilling performance for sandwich panels t = component tII If the drilling performance (alternatively also called drilling capacity) is too low, the screw cannot finish the work step "drilling" and the drill point clogs with the flowing swarfs.

Our objectives and projects

That is why we initiated several projects to save energy and slash CO2 as a result.

EJOT® goes digital

The Corona pandemic has undoubtedly given this development an enormous boost, also at EJOT. From one day to the next, customer seminars as face-to-face events were no longer possible and alternative formats had to be developed at short notice in order to keep customers up to date on topics related to fastening technology.


The goal is to use "intelligent" EJOT products to secure the quality of the joint and at the same time decrease the overall costs.

Through bolt installation errors

Through bolts work by driving a steel bolt into the substrate. When the bolt is tightened, a metal ring is expanded, which in turn clamps the bolt into the substrate.

On the one hand it mirrors the uncompromising pursuit of the highest product quality, and on the other hand it underlines – beyond the mere technical aspect – that human relations both inside and outside our company are just as important to us.


Flexibility and cost reduction with multi-stage forming at EJOT The variety of possible applications for cold-formed parts made of steel, aluminium or partly copper is virtually unlimited.


However, it faces increasing competition from lighter materials, such as aluminium.

Environment | Reach

In the case of composite products it is necessary to take the concentration threshold of the individual product into account (e.g. bicycle handle, belt buckle, etc.). Therefore, the following needs to be done: Check the Candidate List regularly Ensure regular updates of the Candidate List: The Candidate List is updated twice annually (at the start and in the middle of the year) Is there a possibility that candidate substances are contained in the products? Duty to supply information about substances that are contained in my product in a concentration in excess of 0.1% and are on the Candidate List: communicating the information available which is suffic ...


Phone: +49 36252 42 290 e-mail: sschrodt(at)

Industrial Division

With the one-time registration we provide you CAD data, the prognosis program DELTA CALC® and ALtra CALC® for predesigning joints in thermoplastics and light metals and much more.

Industrial Division

With the one-time registration we provide you CAD data, the prognosis program DELTA CALC® and ALtra CALC® for predesigning joints in thermoplastics and light metals and much more.


Calculation of the optimum assembly parameters EJOT ALtra CALC® can calculate different failure modes (e.g. stripping, screw fracture) and the time of occurrence (e.g. clamp load at stripping, pull-out load) - see image IV. With this knowledge it is possible to set the optimum installation parameters with the program in order to minimize the risk for errors and guarantee a process reliable assembly.


This innovation offers the possibility of joining multi-material designs, in particular lightweight materials and ultra-high strength steels, with a friction welding fastener setting tool suitable for robot integration.

The colourful world of fasteners

As a result, industrial buildings are built with an outer skin of a uniform colour.

CAD & more

With the one-time registration we provide in this area CAD data in various formats as well as PDFs of the technical drawings of our products DELTA PT®, SHEETtracs® and ALtracs® Plus.

EJOT Anchor Fix

With the dimensioning software for through bolts EJOT offers a very helpful tool for static initial sizing of building projects.

Corporate Carbon Footprint

Sense of family is an important part of our corporate culture. We want our employees to be able to balance work and family.


We pay particular attention to the health of our employees and our ability to deliver to the customers. If you have any questions about the delivery situation at EJOT, please refer to your usual EJOT contact.


This is especially important in automobile construction because it not only saves raw material, but lightweight design is also a very effective way to reduce fuel consumption.


For example, the development of a packaging concept that preserves the clean state of the screws after ultra-fine cleaning.

Reliable crown fixing with ORKAN storm washers

If ORKAN storm washers are omitted for the crown fixing, there is a risk that the crown will be dented and the roof may become leaky at these points. In addition, the static characteristics and the optical appearance of the roof cover are altered by the indentations.

Environment | Supplier

EJOT Material Compliance requirements for suppliers: Material Compliance (MC) denotes the compliance with environmental and material-related specifications resulting from international laws, standards, directives (REACH, RoHS, conflict minerals, etc.) in addition to customer and market requirements. Noncompliance could result in consequences like regulatory offence procedures, product recalls, and loss of customers and markets.